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Horton AutoSportHorton Autosport

Team Principle and Engineer John   Horton,   a   former   Indy Car  crew   chief,   has   campaigned   numerous   race cars   in   different   professional  series,  most  recently making  his  mark  in  World Challenge,  Grand  Am and ALMS  by  running   successful  programs  with  great  financial  efficiency.  With  over  20  years experience  in  the  automotive   world  and  the  prestigious ASE  Master  Technician  title,  Horton  enjoyed  the  success  of  more  than   52  top 10  finishes, and 15 podiums.

In  2009   Horton  AutoSport  pitted  a  Mazda  touring  car  against  the  factory  efforts  of  Acura,  BMW  and  Mazda.   With  just  one  other crew  member  and  driver  Patrick Lindsey,  the  team  consistently  out-­qualified   and  out-­finished  the  competition  and  showed  what  was  possible  with  minimum  investment.  In   2010  the  team campaigned  a  Porsche  in  the  GT  class  and  enjoyed  qualifying  in  the  top  3  for  the   majority  of  the  races,  finishing  in  the  top  5  for  every  race  completed  and  finished  on  the  podium   twice.  In  2011  Horton  was  recruited  to  engineer  a  Ford  mustang  in  World  Challenge  GTS.   Through   Horton’s   expertise,   the   team   managed  to   secure   2nd   in   driver   points   with   6   podiums,   and 2 wins.      Simultaneously,   Horton   was   hired   by   Mazda   to   develop   and   engineer   a   4   car   Grand   Am  Mazda  team,  Freedom  Autosport.  He  helped  secure  the  manufacturer’s  championship  for  Mazda   and  Freedom  with  numerous  podium  finishes  and  wins. In 2012 Horton AutoSport campaigned a 2012 Rolex spec Porsche GT in Grand Am consistently being the fastest Porsche.

Building  on  consistent  success,  2013  is  poised  to  be  the  team’s  best  year  yet as they race in the Grand Am Rolex GT Series, featuring drivers Patrick Lindsey and factory Porsche’s Patrick Long in a 2012 Porsche.  Within  the  ranks  of   the  World  Challenge  and  Grand  Am  series,  the  Horton  Autosport  team  is  known  for  thinking  outside   the  box  and  ultimately being  the  most  competitive  car  out  of  the  gate  at  any  given  venue.